InnovationMore than just hypes

Many innovations and enhancements have paved the way of success of AMOS. Everyone within Swiss-AS and within the customer community is encouraged to look at how to do things better and to contribute to sustainable new developments, concepts and ultimately to the longevity and competitiveness of the system. Only developments that are receptive with customers are of true value for the end-users. The size and flexibility of Swiss-AS has allowed us to promptly react to new or changing needs and requirements of the market. The introduction of electronic signature, the deployment of functions for ng-aircraft or the multi-entity abilities of AMOS are only some recent samples.

Input from a large customer community
AMOS is a community product with all the advantages this entails for our customers. The system is used by a large customer base who actively supports AMOS by their daily input. Swiss-AS is obliged to react to this input and also to the changing maintenance requirements and industry innovations at an early stage in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of the large clientele – as a community product AMOS is continuously challenged by the requirements of a large customer base.

The developments and enhancements made by Swiss-AS include not only the knowhow from the SWISS Group / Lufthansa Group in which Swiss-AS is embedded, but of course also the expertise of the members of the AMOS community who are asked to contribute to the selection, analysis and specification of new developments.

Although AMOS is a community product, the setting of hundreds of parameters which steer functions and processes in AMOS and different workflow settings give the individual customers the flexibility they need for their specific maintenance context.

Well-staffed development team
To keep pace with the fast ongoing changes in the aviation industry and keep AMOS up-to-date since the late 80s, nowadays around 40% of the Swiss-AS staff is allotted to Research and Development.

In addition, Swiss-AS has established a product management department, who identifies market trends at an early stage while being informed about changing regulations in the aviation and its realisation in AMOS. Furthermore Swiss-AS actively participates in industry working groups worldwide.