Optional modulesAdd-on functions for added value

In addition to the AMOS core modules, Swiss-AS offers a growing number of optional modules as well as the Mobile Device System for warehouse management, developed - in cooperation with Swiss-AS and CrossConsense - by our partner Dr. Thomas&Partner.

AMOSmobile is a touch-optimised and fully-integrated add-on to AMOS. The first module, AMOSmobile/EXEC, is designed with the ultimate goal to enable the paperless execution of all line & base maintenance activities and eliminating tons of paper created in the process of documenting all maintenance steps.

AMOSmobile/EXEC is a major step towards “paperless maintenance” and we are happy to support all our customers that are ready to document and e-sign their maintenance activities directly at the aircraft.

While AMOSmobile/EXEC offers a full-scope functional platform for line and base mechanics, the individual apps have been designed to allow each customer to define the best-fitting implementation scenario based on the customer’s desired AMOSmobile scope. From a simple quick-win implementation of AMOSmobile/EXEC bringing AMOS “live” data to the mechanics’ finger-tips up to a full paperless maintenance process, everything is possible.

+  Advanced web application based on modern standards
+  HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript (Vaadin)
+  Runs in web browser
+  Minimum requirements and dependencies
+  Powered by the AMOS server
+  Secured by SSL
+  Optimised for usage in slow networks
+  Runs on any computer / tablet / device

The functional scope of AMOSmobile
AMOSmobile/EXEC has been designed for technicians who do not work on a desktop, but still need to interact with the MRO system on a frequent basis – this is where the benefit of mobile systems is most evident. Simplified and multiple search functions, as well as transparent menu guidance, help the technicians to quickly access the required data. More than 50 apps cover the daily tasks of line & base mechanics – with more to come.

Benefits of AMOSmobile
+  Full integration with AMOS (no interfaces necessary)
+  Time-saving due to raising & recording of all maintenance activities directly at the aircraft
+  Intuitive  and  easy-to-use:  no  formal  classroom  training  needed  (on-the-job training sufficient)
+  Faster access and transmission of data
+  All information is available real-time wherever you are
+  Process-driven menu guidance related to mechanics’ tasks
+  Scalable scope of use from quick-wins up to paperless maintenance
+  Interactive: manuals, diagrams, 3D graphics, videos
+  Context sensitive: search, links, details, etc.
+  Customisable dashboards
+  Advanced technology despite lean technical requirements
+  Device agnostic
+  Saving paper
+  Motivating for staff: AMOSmobile/EXEC is fun to work with!


Multi-Entity functions
The “Multi-Entity” functions in AMOS allow multiple, financially independent entities to work in one common AMOS environment. Thereby, airline groups or other aviation companies with subsidiaries in different countries are able to consolidate all activities in one system, while still complying with local regulations.

This feature enables the independent financial management of each entity, while taking advantage of centralized logistics modules. This means that the prices and financial relevant figures are stored for each entity which allows the creation of reports and the tracking of financial bookings per entity.

With the function “Entity Transaction Management” in AMOS the booking of financial transactions between two entities (e.g. sales or exchange) is possible. Orders, such as sales orders or purchase orders, are easily generated for all parts that are involved in a transaction.

Apart from the local currency, a functional currency has to be defined for each entity. The functional currency is a precondition for the consolidation of all stock movements and allows the corporate organization to calculate the store value of the entire aviation group.


AMOSsim for flight simulators
In addition to the AMOS core application, Swiss-AS offers a dedicated AMOSsim module which meets the requirements of today’s aviation training providers.

The various options in AMOS for managing preventive maintenance tasks as well as handling complaints of simulators make AMOS a perfect fit for managing the maintenance requirements of flight simulators as well as procedure trainers.

In addition, AMOSsim comes with a terminal application, fully integrated into AMOS, which is able to communicate with the simulator host. It is programmed for touch screens (though not mandatory) that are usually located in front of the simulators where the instructors can unlock/lock the simulator with their individual logins and start/end the flying session. When the session is completed, the instructor logs out and the simulator registers the session time. In addition to tracking the simulator sessions, AMOSsim is able to generate various statistics for simulators, for example, accomplished flights in comparison to the originally scheduled flights.

Renowned European aviation training schools have implemented AMOSsim as their only software solution to maintain their simulators and track the simulator sessions.