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28.11.2016 Innovations in Aircraft Maintenance at easyJet: Low cost carrier easyJet on its approach to innovative IT and technology solutions. (published in Aircraft IT MRO eJournal / Winter 2016-2017)
09.02.2015 Study on AMOS in connection with Google Glass: This is an article from the Swiss news about a Bachelor thesis that investigates on the usage of data glasses in the aircraft maintenance (MRO) context.
28.11.2013 AMOS - Finnair Case Study: In this Case Study, Finnair describes how the implementation of AMOS has enhanced its business operations and explains the challenges and lessons learned.
19.11.2012 Artikel Basler Zeitung: Basler Firma entwickelt das führende Programm für Fluggesellschaften
19.04.2011 MRO IT Market Vendors Survey: There are less than 20 serious MRO software vendors for commercial airline and MRO facilities to choose from - Swiss-AS is one of the dominant ones. Read the full article of the February/March '11 edition of "Aircraft Commerce".
02.10.2009 MRO Software Implementation: Recent technological advancements in MRO software and its growing implementation means major steps forward have been taken in how maintenance information is provided, controlled and tracked. ATE&M covered this subject in its August/September edition.
12.06.2009 Systems for measuring Manhours & Materials: The accurate recording of labour used and its sub-division into skill types and materials consumed during maintenance checks by means of modern IT systems is now possible. Aircraft Commerce covered this subject in an article in its April/May edition.
27.03.2009 AMOS - Fluently Speaking the Language of MRO: AMOS of Swiss AviationSoftware has been setting the standard in MRO software for years. A reason for this continued success is that Swiss-AS carefully evaluates alleged trends and clearly focuses on longevity rather than on ‘quick wins’.
28.07.2008 Systems for managing Finance and HR in MROs: While MRO systems streamline the MRO process, they must also record information, link related data and processes and manage Finance and HR aspects of the MRO process. The June/July 2008 issue of "Aircraft Commerce" covers this subject in a review.
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