National Airlines goes for AMOS


At a glance

  • - National Airlines heading for AMOS Go-Live (July 2023)

  • - With AMOSmobile/EXEC the airline’s digitalization process has been initiated

  • - AMOS hosted on Google Cloud for higher operational efficiency 


The current fleet innovation and expansion plans of National Airlines have been coupled with the airline’s intention to select and implement an MRO / M&E system that fast-tracks the airlines digitalization process. Thus, more than a year ago the decision for AMOS has been taken and the AMOS implementation process since then is in full swing. 


Choosing the AMOS Airline / MRO edition

The cargo and passenger airline opted for the Airline/MRO edition of AMOS. The AMOS Airline/MRO edition combines the AMOS Airline edition – being the standard edition of AMOS that perfectly supports a normal airline maintenance organisation – with MRO-specific functionalities for managing third-party maintenance activities. This edition of AMOS provides the right tools for National Airlines’ vision to provide innovative solutions and services to meet today and tomorrow’s market requirements.


Reaping benefits of the system’s technological innovation and functional richness

Swiss-AS continuously invests in the product's functional width and depth - one of the reasons stated by National Airlines why AMOS was their ultimate choice. Indeed, AMOS offers advanced capabilities for aviation maintenance, such as real-time information and automation, optimized planning and control tools enabling enhanced decision-making. All information is easily accessible to efficiently perform tasks, reducing the time and effort required to manage the maintenance processes. AMOS cost-saving benefits permit improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and increased asset utilization, which can help offset the cost of switching from a legacy system to its replacing solution. The strong support system they found in AMOS (and Swiss-AS) will help its users to fully benefit from the software and achieve its maintenance goals. 


Project focused on airworthiness and digitalisation

The scope of this AMOS implementation project is focused on airworthiness, with modules like Engineering, Planning, Production, Procurement and Stores as well as AMOSmobile/EXEC. 


Cloud-hosted solution to achieve continuous system availability 

In line with many recent Swiss-AS customer signings, National Airlines relies on the Swiss-AS scalable cloud-hosting services that relieve customers from all operational efforts and make them rely on Swiss-AS system monitoring capabilities assuring highest system availability via a comprehensive alerting system that anticipates actual failures.


About National Airlines:

National Airlines is a U.S. based cargo and passenger airline based in Orlando, Florida, serving both commercial and government & defense customers. National maintains a global operational footprint, while primarily operating in North America and Asia-Pacific regions. National Air Cargo Holdings became one of the very few companies that transformed from a freight forwarder to a fully-fledged airline (integrator), by acquiring the first fleet of aircraft in the mid-2000s. National Airlines commenced operations in 2006 and, although the journey started with the historic narrow-bodied DC-8s, there were constant investments made to modernize the fleet over the next few years. Today, National Airlines has a rapidly expanding fleet consisting of Boeing 747s, B757, and Airbus A330 aircraft. 


About Swiss AviationSoftware and AMOS:

Swiss-AS is an industry leading M&E/MRO software provider that offers an end-to-end integrated, highly intelligent software suite, designed to cover the entire spectrum of maintenance activities. AMOS, in combination with its mobile package, empowers its large and loyal aviation customer base – ranging from pure operators of all sizes, over major low-cost airlines, flag carriers, and large airline groups to MRO providers – to digitalise and automate their maintenance processes and connect with other industry solutions via the connectivity platform AMOScentral. For more information, please contact