Privacy Notice

Privacy Policy

The purpose of this website “” (“Website”) is to provide information regarding our company, our product and services to interested companies. Swiss-AS (“Swiss-AS”, “We”, “we” or “our”) business model does not target selling products or services to individuals. Nevertheless, the Website offers certain possibilities for individuals to get in contact with Swiss-AS and by doing this personal information may be processed. This Privacy Policy explains how personal information submitted to Swiss-AS via is processed according to the applicable legal regulations.

1. Personal Information we collect and process

We only process personal information which has been voluntarily submitted by an individual. The following personal information is processed for the purposes outlined under § 2 below “Purpose of the data collection”:

  • E-mail address
  • First name / Last name
  • Your Business Function
  • The company you work for
  • Your IP address

2. Purpose of the data collection

Personal data is only processed for the following purposes:

  • Registering to our newsletter
  • Requesting an AMOS brochure soft copy
  • Submitting a contact request
  • Submitting a job application
  • Requesting a login to the Customer Portal.
  • Web requests done via your browser on
  • Issuing a Support Request via the Web Support Tool.

3. Transfer of personal data

Personal data submitted to Swiss-AS is not transferred to 3rd parties, except in case you register for a specific training. In that case, your personal data is stored in a secure section reserved for Swiss-AS in the learning management system (the respective privacy policy can be found here:

4. Data Storage

Personal data submitted to us is stored on servers in Switzerland either in Swiss-AS’ own data centre in our premises or at a data centre of Reist Telecom.
If you register for a training course, we store your submitted personal data on
Support Requests issued via the Web Support Tool by using your login are stored on a server in our premises in Switzerland.
Personal data you provide to us is stored as long as it is legitimate for the purpose outlined in this policy respectively until you request it to be deleted.
Your IP address can be stored for a duration of up to 2 (two) months and then deleted.

5. Right of Access, Rectification and Deletion

In case you would like to know which data we store about you, you can send an e-mail to
If you desire to rectify data or delete it, you can equally write to us via As long as there is no legal requirement to retain your personal data we will delete it as soon as possible.

6. Cookie Usage

Cookies are small text files stored on your device when you access most websites on the internet or open certain emails. Among other things, cookies allow a website to recognize your device and remember if you have been to the website before.
Necessary or essential cookies help to make the website usable by enabling basic functions like remembering your preferences as to whether you wish to allow us to store cookies. The website cannot function properly without these cookies. We are using only strictly necessary or essential cookies on our Website as listed below.
In the other hand, some cookies are “persistent” cookies and they remain on a device for the period of time specified in the cookie and are activated each time the user visits the Website. Other cookies are “session” or “transient” cookies and they contain information that is stored on a temporary memory location and then deleted after the session is completed or the browser is closed.
We are using only the following necessary or essential cookies as follows:

  • cookie-agreed: The purpose of this cookie is  to remember your preferences as to whether you wish to allow us to store cookies  or not. This is a “persistent” cookie which last for 3 months.
  • JSESSIONID: The purpose of this cookie is to preserve the users states across page requests.  With this cookie the Customer Portal can recognize if your browser has been logged in or not throughout the session. This is a “session” or “transient” cookie which last until the browser is closed.  

7. Other Tracking Technologies

We may store your IP address information in server logs and keep this information for a duration of up to 2 (two) months and then deleted.
Other tracking technologies (e.g. via google analytics) are not used on our Website.

8. Opt out Preference

You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by using the respective link at the bottom of every newsletter you receive.
To remove cookies we may have used prior to May 25th 2018, you can use the respective cookie delete functions of your web browser(s).

9. Personal Data Stored in the Customer Portal

With dedicated logins provided to you for our Customer Portal, you may manage your contacts towards Swiss-AS. It is in your responsibility to ensure that the personal data you process in this context as a data processor, have been lawfully collected by you. The administration tools available to you in the Customer Portal allow you to comply with your obligations as a data processor of this data, e.g. ensuring that the data subjects’ right, whose personal data you process, can be executed by them.

In order to utilize the maintenance key renewal web service, Swiss-AS provides you with a dedicated web user. Swiss-AS recommends the use of a generic name for that web user and not a login containing names that could be used to identify an individual.