SCAT Airlines takes off with AMOS


At a glance

  • - A transition phase for a smooth Go-Live

  • - Greater efficiency gained with AMOS Airline Edition.


Swiss-AS is pleased to announce that SCAT Airlines, one of the leading carriers in Kazakhstan, has successfully gone live with AMOS. This milestone marks the completion of an extensive transition phase, enabling the smooth implementation and running of AMOS within SCAT Airlines' Engineering and Maintenance (E&M) department.

Although SCAT Airlines and Swiss-AS inked the agreement in the summer of 2021, the implementation of AMOS has gone through several phases and required meticulous planning and collaboration between SCAT Airlines and Swiss-AS. 

The project began with a thorough review of former processes, rigorous testing, and extensive training programs. 

As in every implementation, data migration is a crucial phase to consider. In SCAT Airlines’ case, the data was coming from various sources, which demanded significant time and effort from the project team. 

Thanks to the determination and commitment of both parties, the AMOS implementation phase was completed in February 2023. 

Nevertheless, to ensure a smooth transition from the previous manual and analog processes to the more streamlined AMOS processes, SCAT Airlines opted for a transition phase using both solutions simultaneously. Due to fleet reconstruction and other internal events, this transition phase has been extended until now.

The much-anticipated AMOS Go-Live for SCAT Airlines is now finalised and the airline is fully operational with the system. This important milestone marks a new direction for the airline, which can now benefit from greater operational and maintenance efficiency. 


About SCAT Airlines

Founded in 1997, SCAT Airlines is a Kazakhstani airline based in Shymkent. With a diverse fleet and network across multiple destinations, SCAT Airlines is committed to providing safe, reliable, and customer-focused air travel. SCAT specializes in civil aviation services including regular, charter, and cargo flights, aircraft maintenance, personnel training, and airport construction. The Airline has ownership of two airports in Kazakhstan, namely Taraz International Airport and Shymkent International Airport.


About Swiss AviationSoftware and AMOS

Swiss-AS as an industry-leading M&E / MRO software provider offers an end-to-end integrated, highly intelligent software suite, designed to cover the management of the entire spectrum of maintenance activities. AMOS in combination with its mobile package empowers its large and loyal aviation customer base – ranging from pure operators of all sizes, over major low-cost, regional and flag carriers, and large airline groups to MRO providers – to digitalize and automate their maintenance processes and connect with other industry solutions beyond the boundaries of AMOS via the data messaging platform AMOS central. 
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