AeroUnion live with AMOS

AeroUnion live with AMOS

Swiss-AS is pleased to announce that the Mexican Cargo airline AeroUnion has successfully implemented AMOS. The airline has been added to the AMOS environment of TACA International Airlines where their fleet of two 767 and three A300 is now managed.
The Avianca team did a great job performing the data migration and training by themselves, while the Miami based AMOS team supported the implementation with their expertise on the business scope definition, business plan, Q&A and data migration support.
Currently the data entry for the AeroUnion aircraft its performed by the MOC department, which will be transferred to the mechanics once the operation of AMOS is stabilised and the AMOS know-how of the technicians has further increased.
AeroUnion is one of Mexico´s largest cargo airlines and was founded 1999 in Mexico City, where it still has its headquarters. With their fleet of five aircraft, the fright carrier operates cargo within Mexico and between Peru, Colombia, Mexico and the USA.