Air Greenland goes for AMOS

Air Greenland

At a glance

  • Mixed fleet of fixed and rotary wing aircraft
  • Operates to 14 airports as well as 42 heliports and helistops
  • Project in full swing
  • AMOS Airline Edition and AMOSmobile/EXEC chosen

In-depth selection process

Air Greenland was ready for a change in their MRO software as the legacy software was no longer in the position to support today’s airline maintenance requirements. Among others, the airline was looking for fully integrated end-to-end support for all processes for fixed and rotary wing aircraft combined with the capability to support a paperless operation. The operation of their aircraft is far from standard, the mixed fleet brings with a mixed utilisation with its own challenges. A combination of scheduled, charter medical and SAR flights have to be accommodated when managing all ground activities and supporting business areas. With these requirements in mind, Air Greenland started an in-depth selection process to get a clear picture of the capabilities and gaps on the available software solutions.

AMOS was able to convince the project team by ticking off the requirements and having a proven track record of successful implementations around the world for helicopters as well as fixed wing aircraft.

“Air Greenland joins the ever-growing helicopter group within the AMOS Community and their mixed fleet is a perfect showcase of how AMOS allows customers to manage fixed and rotary wing aircraft within one MRO software” says Fabiano Faccoli, CEO of Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd.

Smooth project progress 

The implementation project is in full swing with workshops and training being delivered both on-line and on-site. While the project started during the pandemic and all services from Swiss-AS had to be performed online, on-site travel is now possible again to the benefit of both, Swiss-AS and Air Greenland. Flexibility, creativity, and the lessons learnt from the beginning of the pandemic ensured that the travel ban did not block the implementation progress. 

As with any project, one of the key paths to success is collaboration. Being able to support the dedicated and highly knowledgeable team from Air Greenland with in-house experts from Swiss-AS Business Consulting and Training, who bring years of experience and expertise, not only in regards to AMOS, but also in rotor wing operations and maintenance as well as airline and MRO activities, has continued to build on the strong foundations built during the selection process. 

Greenland is not only a unique project geographical location for Swiss-AS staff, it has also had an impact on the implementation set-up: Contrary to the strong trend within the AMOS Community, and industry, due to its remoteness Air Greenland will not rely on cloud hosting, but will instead run the server on premise.

With the AMOS Airline Edition, Air Greenland will perform most of its maintenance inhouse and rely on the industry best practice processes that come with the MRO software. AMOSmobile/EXEC is also in the scope of the project and will complete the AMOS user experience in the hangar. 

“With selection of AMOS as Air Greenland future MMIS system, we are confident that our future requirements will be met” says Jørn E. Rasmussen, Air Greenland Technical Director

About Air Greenland

Air Greenland is the state-owned flag carrier airline of Greenland. Its fleet comprises of almost 30 aircraft – helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. The route network includes international and domestic destinations whereas the helicopter fleet mainly feeds smaller communities into the domestic airport network. The airline also operates in Arctic airspace to support remotely located research stations, which presents a unique range of challenges. Maintenance for their fleet is mainly performed inhouse. In 2022 Air Greenland takes delivery of a state-of-the art Airbus A330 NEO to replace its existing A330-200.

About Swiss AviationSoftware and AMOS

AMOS is a comprehensive, fully-integrated MRO software solution being developed and distributed by Swiss AviationSoftware. Swiss-AS, a 100% subsidiary of Swiss International Air Lines has more than 200 customers worldwide and belongs to the industry-leading MRO software providers. Our loyal customer base includes pure operators of all sizes, major low-cost, regional and flag carriers, large airline groups and MRO providers. In the Americas and in Asia, AMOS is distributed through a partnership with Lufthansa Systems. For more information, please contact us via