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12.04.2021 ETD hangar AMOS screen

Etihad Airways has implemented AMOS across its whole fleet

At a glance Etihad Airways now leverages the use of its MRO software solution AMOS  A successful AMOS implementation during incredibly challenging times AMOS fits into the bigger picture and ambitions of Etihad Airways The Etihad Airways’ Technical organisation, which is responsible for engineering and maintenance activities for the airline, is driving a holistic digitisation strategy to harness efficiencies and simplify processes across the Etih
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18.03.2021 Air Alliance goes for AMOS

Air Alliance goes for AMOS

After a thorough selection process, Air Alliance GmbH has decided to award their M&E software contract to Swiss-AS. The AMOS MRO Edition is going to be implemented during 2021. This AMOS Edition is the fully integrated, high-end version of the software suite and tailor-made for the requirements of modern MRO organisations.
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15.03.2021 hke group

Hong Kong Express takes off with AMOS

HK Express placed its confidence in Swiss-AS not only as a software product provider, but also as a cloud and operational services provider by subscribing to the AMOS Cloud Hosting Solution.
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11.02.2021 Overcoming the crisis with new strength

2020 – A challenging year with a positive conclusion

At a glance   Successfully managing the challenges of the crisis Onboarding of new customers continued in 2020 – despite all Numerous successful go-lives in 2020 The pandemic accelerating digital transformation – an outlook into 2021 Cross-platform mobile development with Flutter/Dart revolutionising app development Swiss-AS creates “Center of Excellence for Helicopters” Finding creative ways to tackle the COVID-19 challenges The worldwide pa
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01.02.2021 Kalitta Go-Live

Kalitta Air live with AMOS

Congratulations to Kalitta Air, who successfully went live with AMOS on January 25th. The project was a complicated one as it rolled out the system across the varied business units of the company. The go-live was a ‘big bang’ approach to ensure all of the benefits were realized straight away across all of the divisions.
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27.01.2021 Valljet

VallJet goes for AMOS

At a glance AMOS successfully sold to first French business aviation company Rapid fleet growth demands for a professional MRO software VallJet to rely on AMOS Airline Edition Vast AMOS experience existing at VallJet Opportunity despite the aviation crisis The French business aviation company VallJet has just signed for AMOS to manage the maintenance and airworthiness follow-up of its increa
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19.01.2021 Congratulations to Israir Airlines on their recent AMOS go-live!

Israir Airlines live with AMOS

Congratulations to Israir Airlines on their recent AMOS go-live! In the last weeks of 2020, the Israeli airline Israir went live with AMOS and took over their day-to-day maintenance transactions from their legacy system. The implementation had originally started in October 2019, but in the middle of the workshops, during the definition phase, the project had to be put on hold due to the Corona Crisis.
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17.12.2020 Revised name, same CEO

Revised name, same CEO

The CEO of Swiss-AS has changed his name from “Ronald Schaeuffele Scherer” to “Ronald Scherer”. He took this step not only for family reasons, but to also reduce the complexity of his former double name in the international business and travel world. So the year 2020 ends for Swiss-AS with a new name at the top but with the same person and continuity, which Swiss-AS is known for, behind it.    
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16.12.2020 AeroUnion live with AMOS

AeroUnion live with AMOS

Swiss-AS is pleased to announce that the Mexican Cargo airline AeroUnion has successfully implemented AMOS. The airline has been added to the AMOS environment of TACA International Airlines where their fleet of two 767 and three A300 is now managed. The Avianca team did a great job performing the data migration and training by themselves, while the Miami based AMOS team supported the implementation with their expertise on the business scope definition, business plan, Q&A and data migration support.  
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16.12.2020 Making the change to paperless at USA Jet

Making the change to paperless at USA Jet

In the latest Aircraft IT eJournal, AMOS customer USA Jet provides an insight into the experiences faced when implementing e-Signatures; ranging from the challenges they faced to the current status of the project, future plans resulting from the project and some notes about implementation projects that will, hopefully, help readers contemplating a similar program of change.
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