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19.01.2021 Congratulations to Israir Airlines on their recent AMOS go-live!

Israir Airlines live with AMOS

Congratulations to Israir Airlines on their recent AMOS go-live! In the last weeks of 2020, the Israeli airline Israir went live with AMOS and took over their day-to-day maintenance transactions from their legacy system. The implementation had originally started in October 2019, but in the middle of the workshops, during the definition phase, the project had to be put on hold due to the Corona Crisis.
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17.12.2020 Revised name, same CEO

Revised name, same CEO

The CEO of Swiss-AS has changed his name from “Ronald Schaeuffele Scherer” to “Ronald Scherer”. He took this step not only for family reasons, but to also reduce the complexity of his former double name in the international business and travel world. So the year 2020 ends for Swiss-AS with a new name at the top but with the same person and continuity, which Swiss-AS is known for, behind it.    
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16.12.2020 AeroUnion live with AMOS

AeroUnion live with AMOS

Swiss-AS is pleased to announce that the Mexican Cargo airline AeroUnion has successfully implemented AMOS. The airline has been added to the AMOS environment of TACA International Airlines where their fleet of two 767 and three A300 is now managed. The Avianca team did a great job performing the data migration and training by themselves, while the Miami based AMOS team supported the implementation with their expertise on the business scope definition, business plan, Q&A and data migration support.  
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10.12.2020 Eastern Airlines takes off with AMOS

Eastern Airlines takes off with AMOS

At a glance Eastern Airlines signed for the AMOS Airline/MRO Edition to efficiently and diligently manage its large spectrum of maintenance activities – up to the “tiniest” detail Swiss-AS Cloud hosting including AMOS Operational and Monitoring Services has been entrusted to Swiss-AS AMOS implementation already up and running. A new US airline to join the AMOS Community Eastern Airlines state on their homepage that their passion for aviation is unmatched in the universe.
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08.12.2020 DRF Luftrettung goes for AMOS

DRF Luftrettung goes for AMOS

At a glance DRF Luftrettung signed for the AMOS MRO Edition and joins the fast-growing AMOS helicopter user-group With DRF Luftrettung, the fifth AMOS implementation at a rotary wing company is currently running AMOS offers a wide scope of dedicated helicopter functions to these special needs and requirements One integrated system for a highly diversified fleet Swiss-AS is pleased to announce the recent contract signat
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25.11.2020 Viva Aerobus celebrates go-live of AMOSmobile/EXEC

Viva Aerobus celebrates go-live of AMOSmobile/EXEC

Viva Aerobus is known in the AMOS Community, as well as in the aviation industry in general, as innovative, modern and above all tech-savy. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the airline decided to introduce AMOSmobile/EXEC only two years after the implementation of AMOSdesktop. Earlier this year, Viva Aerobus had kicked-off its mobile app project. In early October, the project was realised and the identified benefits could now be put into action. The finale was of course to celebrate the successful go-live of AMOSmobile/EXEC!
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18.11.2020 Bees Airline

Bees Airline takes off with AMOS

Bees Airline is a new start-up airline in Ukraine and has selected AMOS to support their business. The current difficult market environment seems to be made for start-ups – Bees Airline being one of them. The “start-up-tailored” offer Swiss-AS proposed for this industry newcomer was the dealmaker.
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30.09.2020 Sapura Technics goes live with AMOS

Sapura Technics goes live with AMOS

Swiss-AS is proud to announce the successful “Go Live” of AMOS at Sapura Technics after a six month implementation project. Sapura Technics represents a newborn star in the APAC region’s MRO market and to have accomplished their go-live on time despite the COVID-19 crisis is remarkable.
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24.09.2020 The Digital Natives Conquer the Hangar

The Digital Natives Conquer the Hangar

The local magazine "be-digital" has put their spotlight on Swiss-AS and its software AMOS in the current edition. It introduces the company and its CEO Ronald Schaeuffele, explains Swiss-AS' business model and its focus on the rapidly advancing digitalization. The original article in German language can be found here:
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21.09.2020 IPhone Iso

Reaching new technological heights

Deep within every crisis, there are opportunities. Over the last months, the tech experts within Swiss-AS have spent substantial time on evaluating, testing, and finally selecting our future AMOS tech stack. Swiss-AS is now rising to the next level of innovation by introducing a new technology stack.
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