2020 – A challenging year with a positive conclusion

Overcoming the crisis with new strength
Overcoming the crisis with new strength

At a glance  

  • Successfully managing the challenges of the crisis
  • Onboarding of new customers continued in 2020 – despite all
  • Numerous successful go-lives in 2020
  • The pandemic accelerating digital transformation – an outlook into 2021
  • Cross-platform mobile development with Flutter/Dart revolutionising app development
  • Swiss-AS creates “Center of Excellence for Helicopters”

Finding creative ways to tackle the COVID-19 challenges

The worldwide pandemic has hit the aviation industry hard and aviation experts agree that 2020 has been the industry’s worst year in many respects. With Swiss-AS only serving the aviation industry, it does not come as a surprise that 2020 was also an extremely challenging year for Swiss-AS. Notwithstanding, the combination of dedicated workforce, strong leadership, company alignment, and a loyal AMOS community has kept us on track. Swiss-AS succeeded in finding creative means and solutions to continue to fully support its large clientele – being our primary focus of attention during the crisis. Swiss-AS delivered value-adding services by organising free-of-charge webinars on customers’ high-priority topics (e.g. parking/storing of aircraft), expanded its already existing large portfolio of e-learning sessions and introduced an innovative virtual training concept (“virtual instructor led training”).
Due to the company’s solid financial situation, Swiss-AS was able to focus - with its large workforce - on all important AMOS development and technology projects foreseen for 2020. The crisis gave Swiss-AS time to push strategic developments, do some house-keeping work, decide on the new AMOS tech stack Flutter/Dart, and make progress regarding AMOScentral. And, by the way, Swiss-AS has achieved ISO 27001 certification in 2020. The pandemic forced Swiss-AS in many ways to adopt a shift in mindset, while the ambitions have remained the same.

What kept the morale high throughout 2020

With an urge to succeed even in this difficult year 2020, we ultimately concluded contracts with 14 new customers in 2020, among them DRF Luftrettung, Volocopter, Bees Airlines, Eastern Airlines, Superjet International. Swiss-AS is in the fortunate position to continue its growth path and assure the stability of the company. Furthermore, regardless of the difficulties caused by the crisis including travel bans, numerous go-lives were accomplished owing to the flexibility, ambition, and commitment of the different project teams. Air Corsica, Sapura Technic, Air Arabia, Israir Airlines are some of those who successfully completed the AMOS implementation projects in 2020. On top, we have convinced new and existing customers to move their AMOS environments into the cloud – one of the biggest achievements in this respect has been HAECO’s signing on Swiss-AS hosting services.

Continued growth expected for 2021

For many aviation companies it seems true that this crisis holds opportunities. Swiss-AS continues to receive innumerous requests for AMOS presentations, webinars, and participation in tenders. These requests come from organisations that see in AMOS an option and tool to step out of the crisis with new strengths. The pandemic has the potential to accelerate the digital transformation process. The benefits of fully digitized maintenance operation processes are known and are becoming more urgent due to the consequences of the pandemic. Currently, it all ends up in calculating a valid business case that shows a substantial and immediate ROI due to increase of efficiency resulting in cost reductions in all maintenance areas. We see this trend with existing customers increasing their adoption of AMOS as well as with potential new customers who understand the immediate need to push their digital transformation process.

AMOSmobile - reaching new technological heights

In early 2020, our tech experts have done a long and in-depth evaluation, testing and final selection of the future AMOS tech stack in order to rise to the next level of innovation. Swiss-AS has been introducing a cross-platform mobile development with Flutter/Dart to revolutionise its app development. AMOSmobile/STORES is the first suite of apps to be fully developed with Flutter/Dart technology – such technology thereafter to be rolled out to AMOSmobile/EXEC 2.0 and any targeted future AMOSmobile applications. The AMOS users can look forward to a completely new user experience due to material design language. Furthermore, using the new tech stack puts us in the position to produce native apps with the capability to function both, on and off line in a hybrid manner. Our long-term vision is to extend the deployment of Flutter/Dart over the entire functional suite of AMOS modules, ultimately replacing the current AMOSdesktop technology. During the transition period a bridging technology will help us to develop new apps in the new framework while keeping existing AMOS programs running.

“Center of Excellence for Helicopters”

Over the past years, we have seen the number of helicopter customers in our community substantially growing. Currently, five AMOS implementations with helicopter operators are running in parallel and we have enhanced heli-specific functions in AMOS to meet the requirements of this increasing customer group - from dynamic counter options, over vibration monitoring to the ability to manage in AMOS complex mission logics aligned with the different types of missions flown. Swiss-AS has remained true to its origin: When the first customer of Swiss-AS, the Swiss Air-Rescue (Rega), signed for AMOS in 1992, the foundation was laid for ensuring that AMOS complied with the special needs of the helicopter maintenance industry by covering specific rotor-wing requirements in the system.

About Swiss AviationSoftware and AMOS

AMOS is a comprehensive, fully-integrated MRO software solution being developed and supported by Swiss AviationSoftware. Swiss-AS, a 100% subsidiary of Swiss International Air Lines, has more than 200 customers worldwide and belongs to the industry-leading MRO software providers. Our loyal customer base includes pure operators of all sizes, major low-cost, regional and flag carriers, large airline groups and MRO providers. In the Americas and in Asia, AMOS is distributed through a partnership with Lufthansa Systems. For more information, please contact us via marketing@swiss-as.com.

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