AMOSeTL takes flight with SunExpress

SXS eTL team

Swiss-AS is proudly announcing a major achievement today as the first B737 from SunExpress smoothly took off in the skies above Antalya, with our AMOSeTL being used productively in SunExpress’s environment. This marks two years of hard work, teamwork, and innovation from the initial lines of code to this exciting moment. SunExpress makes history as the first airline to implement AMOSeTL. Their forward-thinking approach to innovation has made them invaluable partners in shaping the future of aviation technology.

The success of AMOSeTL is a result of strong collaboration. A unified and dedicated team comprising SunExpress & Swiss-AS, along with Pilots, Maintenance, and IT personnel, supported by Swiss-AS Product Owners, Business Consultants, and R&D experts, has been vital in bringing this vision to life. This blend of skills and expertise has paved the way for a seamless integration of AMOSeTL into SunExpress's operations.

As we celebrate this achievement, SunExpress is preparing for the next step forward. An upcoming upgrade to the latest version of AMOSeTL promises exciting new features, including the much-anticipated Cabin Mode. This upgrade aims to boost operational efficiency and the overall passenger experience, confirming SunExpress' position as a leader in aviation innovation.

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SunExpress completed the final phase of the “Paperless Aircraft Maintenance Operations Project” with the productive use of AMOSeTL, as it will ultimately replace the paper-based Technical Log System. SunExpress is the first airline to implement paperless aircraft maintenance in Türkiye and among one of the few airlines worldwide. SunExpress is constantly improving its processes for greater efficiency and sustainability.


Stay tuned for more as SunExpress and AMOSeTL continue to reach new heights together!


About SunExpress

Established in Antalya in 1989 as a joint venture of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, SunExpress acts as a tourism ambassador between Türkiye and Europe with its 30 years of experience and leisure airline expertise. SunExpress flies to more than 175 destinations in 30 countries and carries more than 10 million passengers every year. With its headquarters in Antalya and Frankfurt and bases in Izmir and Ankara, SunExpress has more than 3500 employees and a fleet of 66 aircraft. SunExpress named the 'Best Leisure Airline in Europe' in the latest global survey by Skytrax. You may find detailed information about SunExpress at


About Swiss Aviation Software & AMOS

Swiss-AS as an industry leading M&E / MRO software provider offers an end-to-end integrated, highly intelligent software suite, designed to cover the management of the entire spectrum of maintenance activities. AMOS in combination with its mobile package empowers its large and loyal aviation customer base – ranging from pure operators of all sizes, over major low-cost, regional and flag carriers, and large airline groups to MRO providers – to digitalise and automate their maintenance processes and connect with other industry solutions beyond the boundaries of AMOS via the data messaging platform AMOScentral.