Binter Technic signs for AMOSeTL


We are delighted to announce that Binter Technic (including Binter), one of our valued customers, has signed up for AMOSeTL. 

As the airline embarks on this new journey towards a paperless future with AMOSeTL, its fleet of mainly ATR 42/72 aircraft will add a further 34 aircraft to the currently fast-growing pool of aircraft to be managed via AMOSeTL. This marks another milestone in the continued growth and industry adoption of AMOSeTL.

The use of AMOSeTL will allow Binter to better achieve all the benefits expected from an electronic Techlog, such as reduced aircraft turnaround times, process cost reductions, but also reach heightened data consistency and accuracy thanks to real-time data availability and instant and seamless integration with AMOS.

Noteworthy is the recent availability, from AMOS Release 23.12, released in December 2023, of the new Cabin mode of AMOSeTL for all our customers. This complements the Pilot and Maintenance modes introduced with AMOS Release 23.6. Thus, the AMOSeTL functional suite has now reached full market maturity and Swiss-AS are confident that this achievement will further enhance the value proposition for our users. With the first AMOSeTL go-Live on the verge of happening at another of our customers, this solidifies AMOSeTL's position in the market.

With our enhanced mobile application portfolio and the newly released AMOSeTL, Swiss-AS is proud to support Binter Technic and all our other customers in their digitalisation and paperless projects.

"At Binter we are committed to innovation and digital transformation. In maintenance, work is already being done with digital signature and paperless processes with AMOS. With the addition of AMOSeTL, we will fully digitise end-to-end processes, from operator to MRO”, highlighted Javier Bretón, Managing Director of Binter Technic.


About Binter and Binter Technic

Flying the skies over the Canary Islands since 1989, Binter begins its operations to connect the islands by air focusing on public service. The airline also connects the Canary Islands overseas. Binter operates 15 connections outside the Archipelago and also 19 flights to international destinations in Africa, Portugal, Italy and France.The aviation company has one of the most modern fleets in Europe of ATR72, becoming the first European Company to operate with Embraer E195-E2 aircraft.

Since 1898, Binter has grown to a group of 16 companies. Its aim is to offer a complete customer service and guarantee impeccable quality in each specific branch of the air transport sector. These companies make up the Binter system. Among this Binter system is Binter Technic, an ATR Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul service provider headquartered in the Canary Islands. The MRO provider has more than 25 years of experience in ATR maintenance and performs complex structural repairs, cargo conversions, modifications, engine workshop, engineering support and interiors.



AMOSeTL is a native application developed by Swiss-AS that provides a paperless aircraft technical logbook application that is tightly integrated with AMOS. It allows the end-users to bring AMOS to the flight deck by digitising the paper techlog, enabling seamless Pilot-to-Maintenance collaboration. Its objective is to be the most attractive, intuitive, and innovative fully integrated by providing a best-in-class mobile user experience that adapts to the end-user's mission. Please contact our dedicated team at to learn more about AMOSeTL and how to digitise your Techlog book management.