COVID-19: Swiss-AS continues to serve your needs

COVID-19: Swiss-AS continues to serve your needs

As everyone across the world continues to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, Swiss-AS is committed to supporting our AMOS customers throughout the course of this pandemic and to maintain continuity of remotely deliverable services and support.

To secure sustainable support in critical areas we have split staff working locations for our AMOS Support, AOS and Cloud Hosting team members, these services can be fully delivered via home office as well. The SL1 emergency hotline is manned as usual and we have also taken measures to enable all our staff members to work from home.

Given the very dynamic situation with worldwide travel restrictions, we have decided to stop all travelling for our Switzerland-based staff until end of April. The outstation offices assess the situation individually in their area of the world. Should the situation improve before the end of April, we will review this decision.

Swiss-AS is fully committed to supporting all customers on the projects that continue and we will make best use of audio and video technology to ensure progress on the activities and mitigate the impact of not being able to meet face to face. We have comprehensive online collaboration capabilities for our employees to communicate with customers and each other. Our focus is to help everyone stay safe whilst, at the same time, continuing to serve your needs.

All our business is generated in the aviation industry and the overall situation leads to challenges for Swiss-AS as well. We are all in the same boat and must pull together in the same direction to support each other to overcome the current challenges we all face.