Success Story – AMOS Cloud Hosting by Swiss-AS

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The past 18 months, more than ever, have shown to Swiss-AS that optimisation and cost saving measures are under constant review. AMOS customer voices are in tune with this perception:
“The professionalism of the AMOS hosting and support team has allowed us a high performance and stability in the use of the tool in our maintenance bases, also helping to minimize the costs for the use and maintenance of hardware,” says Viva Aerobus, Mexico.

Swiss-AS currently hosts more than twenty AMOS customers globally. We have recently increased the flexibility of our service portfolio by offering more granular, customer-tailored and on-the-spur-of-the-moment adjustable solutions while, in addition, giving our customers the possibility to choose from several cloud providers. We are convinced that with the wider portfolio we will reach more AMOS customers who are ready to rely on our unmatched service portfolio that includes the constant monitoring of the system’s operation to anticipate and prevent failures. The high quality of the hosting package is validated by the excellent customer feedback that we receive – each year anew – from our hosting customers:
 “Going extra miles to deliver value beyond the customer expectation is the key fundamental support that any customer would look for & my experience with AMOS Hosting team in this is uncountable, as they will reach out to me in all available communication channels to provide answers at any time. I have no doubt that AMOS Hosting team is a great team player & will always seek out for their proficiency,” states Sepang Aircraft Engineering, Malaysia.

Learn more about our extended hosting services in enclosed article and do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information and/or quotation.