Swiss-AS published its latest AMOS release 19.12

AMOS 19.12

AMOS 19.12 was recently published by Swiss-AS. Here are a few highlights:

Systems and Administration:
With AMOS version 19.12, a new look and feel has been introduced.

The verification of the infrastructure in Client Information, the configuration and utilisation in AMOSmonitoring and the implementation in AMOS Tracing help to measure the AMOS performance.

New Look & Feel












  • Various adjustments have been implemented to fit small screen devices.
  • A new action called Assign Workpackage / Deassign Workpackage has been added to the Workpackage View app.
  • The option Report Similar Defect prefills all fields with the information based on the previous report.
  • Three new AMOSmobile apps for Non-Technical Tasks have been created.
  • The interface Pick-up Confirmation can be opened by scanning the workorder number or the part sticker allows you to select the workorder in order to see all the parts that have been dropped for that event. Users can then select or scan the barcodes of the parts they want to pick.











Material Management:
The purpose of the Self Picking is to facilitate the overall process of picking parts in a store.
Pick-up confirmation enables the mechanics to perform their tasks more efficiently and digitally.

Configuration Management is now called Configuration Definition. It has been re-structured to optimise its usability.
The new Configuration Control program is a central place to visualise As-Booked configurations. Scheduled checks can be executed for consistency information.

The time requirement framework has been extended to enable very complex requirements for tasks and aircraft documents.

Line Maintenance Manager has been enhanced with improved integration of resource management. The possibility to manage Non-Technical tasks has also been introduced.

Several new functions have been improved in View/Edit Workpackage such as WP sequencing, staff assignment and Maintenance Program update.

The new Fleet Tracker Dashboard program replaces Fleet Tracker which will be retired in AMOS 20.6. It is based on the AMOS Dashboard framework and comes with improved performance.
In addition, Fleet Tracker Rules has been created to define, configure and manage rule sets for the new Fleet Tracker Dashboard.

Fleet Tracker Rules









A new program PDF Overlay has been implemented and can be accessed by clicking on the Jobcard Template or a PDF file link. Any overlay is saved and stored.