Customer Support

Comprehensive support package for customer satisfaction

Throughout the years we have optimised and adapted our support structures to serve our growing global customer base. All our efforts have been focused in being able to swiftly provide a solution to our customer issues and queries, no matter where they are located.

In order to achieve this, we use as main support platform the AMOS Online Support Tool:

The AMOS Online Support Tool is fully integrated into AMOS and is primarily used by the AMOS System Administrators. It is the main communication platform between the customer's AMOS Competence Team and Swiss-AS, allowing efficient and swift help whenever questions/problems arise. The Online Support Tool also serves as a knowledge base which offers the user the possibility to search for similar requests submitted by other customers. All requests are prioritised in accordance with pre-defined criteria and service levels. We also provide 24/7 support.

A secondary support platform is the AMOS Online Documentation:

The AMOS Online Documentation provides information about each individual program including details about the different screens, tables, fields and icons in AMOS. Users have the possibility to directly access the relevant chapter from each program in AMOS. Alternatively, there is a full search function to find information about a specific topic, with the option to print the entire chapter if required. The Online Documentation is constantly under revision and updates are issued with each AMOS release to ensure the best possible support to the users. The most recent version of the Online Documentation is available in the customer area of our webpage.

In addition we provide various resource packages for dedicated topics in the download area of the customer section of the webpage.

Customised Support Packages

Unique situations require unique solutions. Sometimes customers might require assistance and support beyond what the standard support package contains, which is included in the AMOS maintenance agreement. Such additional support packages can be short-term or long-term arrangements dependent on the type of customer request. Reasons can be numerous: a short AMOS implementation with a concise scope can require a closer involvement of Swiss-AS beyond Go-Live, implementation of previously unused modules, resource shortage on customer side etc.

Apart from fully tailored Support Packages Swiss-AS offers four standard Support Packages which can as well be further customised.

  1. Priority Support Package (PSP)
  2. Extended Support Package (ESP)
  3. Dedicated Account Advisor (DAA)
  4. Dedicated Account Business Consultant (DAC)

Our experts will help you in identifying the most suitable package for your individual needs.


Swiss-AS is happy to discuss your specific situation and tailor a package that can help you achieve your goals.