AMOS Application Operation

AOS and Hosting

Swiss-AS provides two distinct services from which Customers may choose when it comes to managing the operation of your AMOS instance.

  • AOS

    AMOS Operation Services (AOS)

    AOS cover all duties arising from the AMOS application server and database administration and have Swiss-AS taking responsibility for this broad range of tasks.

    The services are designed to fulfill the following customer needs:

    • Customers may not wish to invest in internal resources with the founded knowledge neccessary for a stable operation of the AMOS application.

    • Customers which would like to complement their expert team with unparalleled experience and knowledge regarding the operation of AMOS. Swiss-AS is the 2nd pair of eyes watching over all aspects of your AMOS operation.

    The high level scope consists of:

    AMOS Server Management

    • Installation of the latest AMOS system patches

    • Installation of the latest AMOS Stable Release

    • Monitoring of scheduled tasks, file system size and AMOS log files

    Database Management

    • Installation of new database versions

    • Configuration and supervision of database backup and database size

    • Monitoring of database log files, database size

    • Monitoring of performance parameters (incl. cache, statistics and memory)

    Weekly operations report

    • Covering the most significant operating key figures

    AOS provide an unparalleled cost/benefit ratio due the significant amount of customers already relying on it paired with a cumulated 100 years of experience of our experts in the administration of AMOS and the underlying database.

    Economies of scale allow Swiss-AS to provide customers the possibility to outsource the operation of AMOS at a lower cost against the use of in-house resources.


  • Hosting

    AMOS Application Hosting

    Whereas AOS focuses on Application and Database Server Management only, Swiss-AS can also provide customers with a fully hosted AMOS environment available through secured VPN connections easily accessible from anywhere.

    Your AMOS can run

    • on a dedicated physical or virtual machine in a state-of-the-art data center or
    • in a cloud operated by cloud service providers, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services.

    Swiss-AS will look after all aspects of the application stack and ensure that the selected AMOS release is available according to the defined SLAs. The customer’s only responsibility is the fulfilment of application administration tasks, such as the definition of user access and roles, report writing, parameter and workflow configuration.
    The expectations regarding system availability and set up vary highly and are subject to the individual requirements of each customer. Our technical experts will work out the ideal solution and approach to cover your specific needs.

    This service includes full application hosting and includes all tasks of AOS as well.