AMOSmobile/STORES Privacy Policy

The purpose of AMOSmobile/STORES (“AMOSmobile/STORES”) is to allow storemen to carry out their daily tasks within a store using a mobile device. Swiss-AS business model does not target selling products or services to individuals. Nevertheless, this AMOSmobile/STORES product requires a personal login and by doing this personal information may be processed. This privacy policy explains how personal information submitted to Swiss-AS via AMOSmobile/STORES is processed according to the applicable legal regulations.


Personal Information we collect and process

We only process personal data which has been voluntarily submitted by an individual. The following personal data is processed for the purposes outlined below under “Purpose of the data collection”:

  • - User ID 


Purpose of the data collection

Personal data is only processed for the following purposes:

  • - accessing to AMOSmobile/STORES product

  • - synchronizing data between server and the AMOSmobile/STORES product and returning data from the AMOSmobile/STORES product to our server, encrypted end to end.

  • - understanding the User role and adapting the User access of functions in the AMOSmobile/STORES product accordingly


Transfer of personal data

Personal data submitted to AMOSmobile/STORES product is not transferred to third parties. 


Data Storage 

Personal data submitted to us for AMOSmobile/STORES is stored on the server you are using.

Personal data you provide to us for AMOSmobile/STORES is stored in your server as long as you keep it and until you delete it.


Right of Access, Rectification and Deletion

In case you would like to know which personal data we store about you, you can send an e-mail to

If you desire to rectify personal data or delete it, you can equally write to us via As long as there is no legal requirement to retain your personal data we will delete it as soon as possible.


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