AMOS E-learning


AMOS e-learning is a fundamental part of our blended learning approach, together with classroom and virtual training. If you are a new customer, our e-learning can assist you during the AMOS implementation phase, by reducing time and costs that could arise in the context of traditional instructor-led classroom training.
If you are a current AMOS customer, you can use e-learning to help new employees rapidly gain basic AMOS knowledge. Additionally, with AMOS e-learning, your staff can always remain up to date with the latest AMOS features.

Our AMOS e-learning solution can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of place and time, with a computer and an internet connection. The interactive training material, such as software simulation videos and exercises, offer to the users the opportunity to practice with various AMOS programs. Our e-learning courses are created with subject matter experts and focus on the learner needs.

Learners have the flexibility at any point in the course to exit and return to it at a later time, with their progress automatically bookmarked. If a session is being accessed during Swiss-AS Basel office time, our support team stays at the learner’s disposal in case of questions.

Watch our E-Learning Trailer for further details on the Swiss-AS e-learning!

More details regarding available courses and registration at /services/training/e-learning