Simplifying training

High Quality through Blended Learning
AMOS e-learning has been developed as a blended learning approach and it is one of the large range of training options offered by Swiss-AS.

If you are a new customer, you can implement AMOS quickly and efficiently by reducing the time and costs that could arise in the context of classic classroom training.

If you are a current AMOS customer, you can use e-learning to immediately assist new employees in the acquisition of basic AMOS knowledge. Furthermore, you can use e-learning to keep your staff updated on the latest features of AMOS.

24/7 Accessibility, Costs and Time Effective
Our e-learning tool is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and makes it possible to offer your staff training throughout the day, irrespective of place and time, and with a significant reduction of costs.

Multimedia and Interactive E-Learning
Our e-learning courses are engaging, interesting and customised to the target audience. In these courses you will find various multimedia tools, interactive activities and software simulations that show AMOS in action.

All courses are available for each release of AMOS.

Our e-learning courses are currently available in English. In order to reach as many users as possible, including non-native English speakers, the dialogue has been kept simple and articulate. Upon request we can also offer courses in other languages.

Traceable Progress
As an individual learner, you have the option to track the course progress data and to print a Certificate of Completion.

A final test is also incorporated at the end of each course. This allows you to self-assess your individual level of knowledge and also provide your company with solid feedback.

To ensure transparent project performance and to track the results of all participants during extended training projects, the Swiss-AS e-learning team, on request, can provide a learning status report.

Fast Performance
Registering for an e-learning training course is simple.

Specify the number of participants and Swiss-AS will issue an RFS (Request for Service). Once the RFS is approved, we will send an email to each participant with the relevant access information. We will of course require the full name and e-mail address of each participant.

You can register directly and issue an RFS by following the links below or at  AMOS_Training@swiss-as.com.

Available E-Learning Courses