Simplifying training

Effective learning with a blended approach

AMOS e-learning is a fundamental part of our blended learning approach, together with classroom and virtual training.If you are a new customer, our e-learning can assist you during the AMOS implementation phase, by reducing time and costs that could arise in the context of traditional instructor-led classroom training.

If you are a current AMOS customer, you can use e-learning to help new employees rapidly gain basic AMOS knowledge. Additionally, with AMOS e-learning, your staff can always remain up to date with the latest AMOS features.

24/7 Access and flexibility

Our e-learning solution can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of place and time, with a computer and an internet connection. Learners have the flexibility at any point in the course to exit and return to it at a later time, with their progress automatically bookmarked.

Interactive e-learning tailored to your needs

Our e-leaning courses are customised to job tasks that are required to be performed by employees in an aircraft maintenance organisation using AMOS. Aiming to provide a valuable and engaging learning experience, each course contains a variety of media, such as software simulation demos and interactive learning activities, allowing your staff to learn AMOS by practicing.

All courses are available for each supported release of AMOS. Our e-learning courses are currently available in English. In order to reach a wide range of audiences worldwide, including non-native English speakers, the language use in the e-learning has been kept simple and clear.

Track Learning Progress

Our Learning Management System, allows you to track the progress of your staff in the e-learning, and extract reports containing data such as learners progress in a course, course completion status, and statistics. Reports can be scheduled to be sent periodically to email addresses that you may specify.

In each course, there is a number of knowledge checks, and a test at the end. This way, learners can continuously evaluate their individual level of knowledge, and also focus on areas that need additional attention. Upon successful completion of a course, learners can download and print their Certificate of Completion. To ensure transparent project performance and to track the results of all participants during extended training projects, the Swiss-AS e-learning team, on request, can provide you with learning status reports.

E-learning registration

To register for an e-learning training course, please contact us at AMOS_Training@swiss-as.com, specifying the course and number of participants, and we will send you a quotation.

Watch our E-learning Trailer for further details: E-learning Trailer


Available E-Learning Courses