Project Management

The foundation for a successful AMOS implementation

The project management methodology of Swiss-AS foresees a collaborative approach that ensures the customer's involvement throughout all phases of the project by requesting early and frequent feedback and providing verifiable results. Continuous project reviews guarantee that risks are identified at an early stage and changes required to the project scope and/or schedule are implemented without delay to reduce possible adverse effects on the project.

Based on our knowledge gained from many years of experience and innumerable successful implementations, Swiss-AS today approaches all projects by relying on accomplished standard processes which are adhered to by all Swiss-AS' project managers, though flexible enough to respond to the individual requirements of each customer. All projects have a dedicated project manager and deputy who guide and assist the customer with any concerns for the duration of the project.

Our project managers and consultants have been trained in the PMI (Project Management Institute) standards and the Swiss-AS project management methodology closely follows these standards. In order to lay the foundation for a successful AMOS implementation, the Swiss-AS' project managers

  • proactively manage all Swiss-AS' project management tasks and fulfil their duties with full project commitment,

  • act as the main point of contact between the customer and Swiss-AS for the duration of the project,

  • lead cross-functional teams to deliver projects within the constraints of schedule, budget and resources,

  • deliver sufficient knowledge and experience to suitably apply the required project management principles and practices.

An implementation project is a joint effort, and hence we are of the firm belief that it must be performed in a partnership spirit. Open communication, honesty and strong interpersonal relationships are highly fostered by Swiss-AS during any project.