Data Migration

A key element in every implementation project

Data transfer is always an important as well as critical process within the implementation process and a key element to consider when adopting a new system. Swiss-AS equips its customers with a highly sophisticated migration tool – fully documented – that facilitates the data transfer process.

AMOS provides the data layout for all information to be imported into AMOS based on an industry standard business logic and independent from the knowledge of AMOS specific database structures. This migration tool is the culmination of all data migration processes we have managed in the past and is permanently subject to further development in order to keep pace with the continuous development of AMOS and the increasing complexity of data transfer.

Besides the advanced migration tool, Swiss-AS provides the necessary assistance starting from

  • initial knowledge transfer regarding the handling of the migration tool to

  • supporting the customer in the data mapping process as well as

  • validation of data consistencies by performing final consistency checks upon data uploads

in order to enable the customer to migrate the data under its own responsibility with its own resources. Swiss-AS' role in the data transfer / migration sub-project, is to guide the customer through the data transfer process and help the customer organise the migration tasks. Data extraction and transformation from the previous legacy system, typically requires in-depth knowledge of the source system. The AMOS data migration tool enables the customer to extract the data under its own responsibility or to outsource these activities to companies who specialise in data migration.

Management of one of your key company assets

Besides Swiss-AS’ guidance and assistance in the context of the initial data migration during the AMOS implementation, Swiss-AS offers as well:

  • end to end data transfer of aircraft and other data from one AMOS to another AMOS

  • Merging of multiple AMOS instances into one AMOS instance

  • Splitting of one AMOS instance into several AMOS instances