System Customisation

AMOS - as versatile as a Swiss army knife

Although AMOS is an off-the-shelf software that is ready for use, the tailoring of AMOS to the customers’ requirements is possible due to hundreds of parameter settings, user-definable tables, individual access rights and a report generator that enables the user to customise their reports. Apart from responding to individual customer needs by turning on / off specific functionalities via parameter settings, Swiss-AS is also prepared to specify and develop modifications initiated by customers.

Whenever possible,  modifications are fulfilled in such a way that they are compatible with industry best practices and promote the ultimate goal to increase the competitiveness and longevity of the software solution by adding customer-driven modifications and enhancements.

At an early project phase during the workshop sessions, a thorough customer requirement analysis is undertaken. If the need for modifications to the program are identified, Swiss-AS together with the AMOS customer go through a proven process of specifying, designing and finally coding these requirements. Throughout this process, the customer is closely involved in approving these customisations at key points. The customer can follow up on the development of any customisation by uploading the latest preview release of AMOS in its test environment. The result of this process is that software modifications fully meet the customer’s specifications and are completed as cost-effectively as possible. Alternatively Swiss-AS as well offers access to a cloud-based AMOS test environment.

Our satisfied customers – of which none has ever replaced AMOS by another MRO solution (except for bankruptcy and mergers) – highly value the system’s user-friendliness and the customer-driven approach of constant system enhancement.