Facts & figures

100% Swiss

Swiss AviationSoftware, founded in 2004, has always been true to its roots by exclusively dedicating its business to the development, marketing and implementation of its maintenance management solution AMOS.

While looking at the facts and figures of Swiss-AS the most striking numbers are the constant growth rates:

The number of employees is continuously increasing throughout the business life of Swiss-AS, reporting a yearly staff growth rate of 10-15%.

The number of AMOS customers over the last decade has substantially and consistently increased every year.

Swiss AviationSoftware

  • Company name

    Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd.

  • Shareholder

    Lufthansa Technik AG (100%)

  • Foundation

    1989 launch of AMOS project by Crossair (predecessor of SWISS).  
    2004 spin-off from Swiss International Air Lines                                                                    
    2023 acquisition by Lufthansa Technik

  • Offices

    Basel / Allschwil, Switzerland (Headquarters)  
    Miami, FL, USA (in partnership with Lufthansa Systems Americas)  
    Singapore (in partnership with Lufthansa Systems APAC)
    Tokyo, Japan (in partnership with Lufthansa Systems APAC)

  • Employees

    295+ worldwide

  • Customers

    220+ worldwide

  • Financials

    Profitable from the first day

  • Slogan

    A story of success


Swiss-AS is certified in ISO/IEC 27001:2013 regarding Information Security Management System (ISMS). Information security is of major importance for Swiss-AS with the certification being a strong demonstration of our commitment to provide our customers with high-quality services through an approach that guarantees maximum security.Swiss-AS has received excellent marks by top rating agencies, certifying financial stability and highest credit standing and has won major industry awards.

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Air Transport Award