Corporate Vision

Swiss-AS to set the industry's benchmark

Offering airlines, MRO providers, CAMO organizations and other aviation companies a mature and state-of-the art dynamic product is not enough.

On-boarding customers need careful guidance from Swiss-AS through the software implementation process resulting in business transformation to capitalize on the full potential of AMOS. In order
to achieve this objective, Swiss-AS continuously re-validates and improves its implementation methodology, our customers appreciate the professionalism with which services are provided by Swiss-AS.

Once customers have started to use AMOS in production, Swiss-AS supports them in manifold and often highly customized ways. Apart from delivering a comprehensive standard service of support package, customers can choose from different advisory packages and can partially, or fully, outsource their AMOS operation to Swiss-AS. Each customer chooses options according to its own needs.

Whatever we do, we do it with passion while always keeping the main goal in mind: With AMOS we need to give our customers the best-possible tool and all the necessary support to allow them to
swiftly adapt to the changes ahead of them and gain a competitive edge in the age of digital disruption.

Swiss-AS with its large and continuously growing team of analysts and developers has the necessary manpower and know-how to invest in the products functional width and depth and in the continuous innovation process while preserving the usability of the system. Any innovation or system enhancement depends on the customers appreciation and receptiveness of new features and

Swiss-AS will continue to rely on its active user environment and use the company’s vast industry know-how to write the next chapters of a common story of success – for and with our customers.