Proven cooperations for long-term success

Our strong partners help us to implement and support AMOS with their complementary services all over the world and contribute with their resources, expertise and experience to the success of AMOS.

Partner Description
Cross Consense


With CrossConsense (Frankfurt, Germany) we rely on an exceedingly efficient and proven implementation partner. Over the last years, CrossConsense was involved in many AMOS implementation processes giving proof of its professional project management/ auditing/training/consulting/etc. skills. The involvement of CrossConsense stands for rapid and cost-effective installation and implementation processes that accelerate ROI as well as satisfied customers. Apart from offering implementation services, CrossConsense has raised its good reputation by providing ASP services to AMOS customers.
exsyn EXSYN Aviation Solutions is a partner to airlines and MRO’s in managing aircraft and airworthiness data. As part of AMOS implementations, EXSYN can support clients with data migration from their legacy systems into AMOS. Building on an extensive track record of airline data migrations and best-practice experience, the EXSYN approach to data migration is fully aligned with the AMOS implementation process and assures clients the best possible data quality once the new AMOS system will go live. Next to data migration during implementation, EXSYN’s AMOS Competence Center can be contracted by clients to support in AMOS Operational Support services as well as subcontracted Part-M duties as part of aircraft phase-in or phase-out. With the help of EXSYN’s smart data solutions for advanced analytics, prediction and robotic process automation AMOS clients can upgrade their existing AMOS capabilities in order to drive further business value from their AMOS adoption.


AMOS is represented in Miami, FL, USA and in Singapore as a Business Unit within Lufthansa Systems. Swiss AviationSoftware found in Lufthansa Systems the ideal partner for its strategic expansion plans which foresee the marketing of AMOS in the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region. Lufthansa Systems, being one of the leading IT service providers for the airline and aviation industries worldwide, has many years of experience in implementing software solutions in the aviation business. They also have a deep insider know-how in consulting airlines: they support the full project life cycle from airline strategy activation to de-commission.
Lufthansa Technik


Lufthansa Technik AG and Swiss AviationSoftware (Swiss-AS) have signed a cooperation agreement for the seamless networking of their MRO IT systems. Lufthansa Technik, as a leading supplier of MRO services, operates numerous IT systems to support its service processes, such as the manage/m WebSuite that covers every aspect of technical operations. Under the cooperation agreement, the MRO IT systems of the two partners will be efficiently interlinked ("B2B integration").


RAMAX International (part of the RAMAX Group) is a leading supplier of comprehensive solutions for the Russian aviation industry. Committed to maximizing the financial and technological performance of its customers and combining deep knowledge and extensive expertise, RAMAX has been successfully implementing large-scale projects on the basis of SAP, AMOS, Sabre, Inform, and other platforms. RAMAX was instrumental in implementing AMOS at Aeroflot and other Aeroflot group airlines and currently manages various aspects of Aeroflot’s AMOS operation (1st/2nd level support, infrastructure, system operation, integration, data management). RAMAX has extensive experience in AMOS data migration activities, integration of AMOS with other systems and support of the business in their daily operation with AMOS.
SR Technics Swiss-AS and SR Technics have entered a strategic cooperation with the purpose of a seamless integration of AMOS with the SR Technics SAP system landscape, allowing the common airline customers an automated transfer of MRO data based on AMOS standard processes environment. SR Technics is one of the world's leading independent providers of technical services for the civil aviation sector. The SR Technics Group offers its customer airlines comprehensive and totally-tailored solutions for the technical support and management of their aircraft fleets, engines and components. This is coupled with extensive engineering know-how, 24/7 worldwide component availability, broad technical training offerings, and VIP completion services.
Dr. Thomas + Partner DR. THOMAS + PARTNER GmbH & Co. KG (Karlsruhe, Germany) is a known expert company in the field of logistics. By providing its wide and reputable customer base with IT solutions within the logistics environment, DR. THOMAS + PARTNER has gained professional experience during more than 30 years in business. DR. THOMAS + PARTNER and Swiss-AS collaborate in order to interface AMOS with a mobile device system MDS. This will allow the AMOS customers to rely on a mobile device solution in stores that supports processes such as place into stock, release from stock and inventory control.