Company History

A history of success

The history of AMOS goes back to the year 1989 when Crossair (predecessor of Swiss International Air Lines) decided to develop its own MRO software which laid the foundation for AMOS.

In the beginning the brand name AMOS stood for Airline Maintenance & Operational Systems, as the initial idea was to develop an in-house maintenance as well as operations software. In 1992 the decision was taken to focus exclusively on maintenance - but to keep the name AMOS.

In 2004, the company Swiss AviationSoftware was founded, a spin-off from Swiss International Air Lines. The newly built company was given the ideal set-up to develop its own strengths as an MRO software provider in this highly specialised niche market while still being embedded in a strong and successful aviation context.

To continue its story of success, Swiss-AS can draw on decades of experience as well as on a large customer community which contributes to the longevity and competitiveness of the product.

2017Launch of AMOS MRO Edition and announcement of AMOScentral
2016Launch of AMOSmobile, 160+ customers, 150+ employees
20155th AMOS Customer Conference with more than 200 attendees
2014Swiss-AS moves to its new, modern premises in Allschwil (Basel), Switzerland
2013Opening of our Singapore office (in partnership with Lufthansa Systems)
2012Swiss-AS welcomes its 100th employee
2011100th AMOS customer (South African Airways) signing for AMOS
2010Opening of our Miami-based office (in partnership with Lufthansa Systems)
200750th AMOS customer (Air Transat) being welcome
2004Swiss AviationSoftware is founded (spin-off from SWISS) with a team of 23 employees
2002Crossair becomes Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS)
200010th AMOS customer (Swiss AviationTraining) being welcomed
1998AMOS goes for JAVA
1992AMOS first customer being the Swiss Rescue Guard (REGA)
1989Launch of AMOS: Crossair’s IT department decides to invest in the development of its own MRO software solution which is called AMOS.