Component Maintenance

Efficient handling of components

The Component Maintenance module is fully-integrated with the other AMOS modules and contains standard functionalities required to manage extensive maintenance, repair and overhaul activities in a shop environment. The module is designed to effectively handle major components by planning shop projects and its capacities in the most efficient manner – not only in-house but also for third-party maintenance.

In connection with third-party maintenance the ability to generate quotations and issue invoices for external customers plays a central role and is linked to financial management via project administration.

Maximising shop through-put while maintaining the highest level of quality is a key element of the Component Maintenance (CM) module which is tightly connected to the logistics, maintenance and planning cycles of the organisation.

The interrelation to serialised inventory control and optimal capacity utilisation is especially important when high-cost components such as engines and landing gears are concerned. For components which are cost drivers on the one hand and directly influence reliability statistics and technical records on the other, the traceability of the component’s history – including any related shop activities – is essential.

The AMOS CM module provides a highly productive solution to manage and control component maintenance with a seamless integration into the complete system.

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