Human Resources

Managing your manpower

In the majority of cases, labour costs are one of the largest areas of a maintenance organisation’s cost pool.

As every company therefore aims to ensure having the right skills in the right place at the right time, AMOS offers the Human Resource module in order to efficiently allocate and deploy these resources in accordance with man-hours, employee’s skills / licences and workload. This tool bundles – certainly fully integrated – all functionalities that are linked to the labour management, such as Staff Management, Shift Planning, Time & Attendance, Training Management etc.

With the help of the program “Staff Management”, one can easily define and control events (e.g. courses, licences etc.) for the aircraft technicians.

Via sophisticated interfaces, the “Time & Attendance” functionalities within AMOS offer the possibility to communicate with different external Human Resource systems such as time-punch machines or payroll applications.

As one of the latest developments, the program name “Shift Planning” already suggests, is used to plan the staff levels and to ensure having sufficient staff to cover the daily workload. Clock-in / Clock-out processes can be accelerated by the use of Barcode Scanner or Badge Reader. This fully electronic process does not only avoid the manual documentation of time duration on paper but also the second step later to enter the data into the system.

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