Quality Assurance

Complying with quality standards

Today’s modern airlines and MRO organisations are facing high demands on quality standards by the regulatory authorities and are bound to set-up a company-internal quality management and establish quality assurance procedures within the maintenance area.

Quality Assurance is an ongoing activity that on the one hand serves as the extended arm of the respective airworthiness authority and on the other as the eyes of upper-management. In order to guarantee that agreed-upon quality requirements are respected, it is the Quality Assurance organisation’s task to plan and perform audits and ensure that measures and corrective actions are taken when findings appear.

The AMOS Quality Assurance tool tackles the difficulty to carry out necessary quality measures without disrupting the operation by integrating the appropriate tools throughout the system in order to help to maintain the level of effectiveness in the regular conduct of business.

A good example of Quality Assurance tasks of a maintenance organisation is the requirement to present the actual status of any licensed staff member with regard to his licenses, type-ratings and training courses at any time, which AMOS completely covers in the integrated Staff Management module.

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