The hub of the system

The Planning Module is a sophisticated planning tool to efficiently manage the preparation of scheduled and unscheduled, short- and long-term maintenance events. The module provides the features required to maximise aircraft utilisation while incorporating all external and internal engineering requirements at the same time.

The pivotal role in the Maintenance Planning area plays the elaborate functionality to forecast expected maintenance events in a tool in which information required for the accurate and efficient creation and handling of workpackages is available – the “hub” of the system where all strings come together.

Direct benefits are:

  • The careful advance planning of maintenance events including material and personnel allocation keeps groundtimes of aircraft at a minimum.

  • Increased human resource productivity and efficiency is the result of well informed business decisions due to all information being displayed at the push of a button.

A major enhancement of the Planning Module are “what-if” type scenarios on the basis of planning preferences. Based on this, AMOS displays different maintenance opportunities within the requirement limits.

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